bring messaging into the modern age

How to Bring Messaging into the Modern Age

True story: most messaging documents are a joke.

You know the drill. Before you launch communications around a brand, product, or service, you need to figure out why your target audience should care. The usual scenario involves penning messaging based on any existing, most likely outdated market research. Or, as PR colleagues frequently face, in the absence of research you try to pick the brains of product managers, marketers, or the C-suite. Once everyone has offered up their (adjective-rich) input on why the masses will stand in line for your offer, the hunt for actual proof points begins. You already know that it’s going to be tough to support that “all-new, innovative and groundbreaking” verbiage. More importantly, your target audience – whether it’s consumers, B2B or media – isn’t going to care.

There’s a better way. Before pumping out another messaging document, consider this: how much would your life change for the better if you knew in advance which messages would have the desired impact on your target audience segments? Better yet, what if you could mix and match messages to form powerful combinations that increased specific audience segment response? Joy and satisfaction, right?

Here’s how to get it done.

Our in-house research team developed Chorus™ combination message modeling specifically to meet the needs of communicators. Chorus is fast because it’s a 100% digital approach. It’s accurate because we apply survey techniques and mathematical modeling to determine which messages work best together.  Chorus statistically determines the optimal set of communications messages for each of your target audiences and provides a simulator you can use to test the impact of any of message combination on any target audience.  In other words, the output delivers benefits long after the conclusion of the research (get in touch with us for a simulator demo – no charge, no obligation).

The right combination of messages is critical for everything from press releases and website content to B2B sales materials. Ditch the messaging guessing game and build your next campaign on facts.

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