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We work at the intersection of pragmatism and creativity. Do you have time to guess your way to success? Let’s start by uncovering your compelling truth.

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Despite our compact size, we’ve helped some of the world’s best-known brands during our 20+ years of solving marketing communications challenges. That’s because clients value our facts-first approach to creating PR campaigns, social media initiatives and marketing communications. Other agencies outsource their research, use outdated methodologies or ask the wrong questions. Let us show you why we’re different. Click here if you’d like to learn more about our unique approach to getting your brand, product and service in front of the right audience.


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Atlanta Agencies Join Forces to Form Collective, Offering Integrated Marketing Solutions

ATLANTA (August 9, 2021) – Six Atlanta-based agencies today announced the establishment of Force Multiplier – a collective of creative, media, PR, marketing research, digital marketing and tech development firms offering integrated capabilities through a centralized approach. Force Multiplier is positioned to compete against large agency holding companies by offering competitive capabilities, high-level of service and resourcefulness expected from boutique agencies.  “Marketers want efficient, integrated marketing solutions but are too often inundated with overseeing multiple agency relationships,” said Nick Schittone, chief growth officer of Hothouse. “With Force Multiplier, marketers are supported by a collective that offers diverse expertise through a centralized approach.” After…

SolMicroGrid Selects Brandware Group as Agency of Record

ATLANTA, GA (July 21, 2021) – Brandware, an award-winning marketing communications agency, has been named agency of record for SolMicroGrid, a fast-growing developer and operator of solar microgrid systems headquartered in Atlanta. The Brandware team will help tell SolMicroGrid’s fast-track success story, including upcoming national partner announcements. Founded to help keep businesses open and operating during times of crisis caused by natural disasters and other power grid interruptions, SolMicroGrid offers tiered business solutions for quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, grocery store chains and other service providers that can’t afford to go dark when a “big” grid fails. SolMicroGrid provides reliability and…

Clubhouse 101: The Power of Audio and Live Connections

TL;DR – Clubhouse, the newest social media app, has exploded onto the scene with its unique live, audio-only experience. Driving conversation and dialogue between users, the invite-only app creates a new opportunity for digital marketers to connect (and listen) to their audience through authentic conversation. Don’t be the last to the Club – get on the waitlist or beg a friend on the app for an exclusive invite. Clubhouse has taken the digital marketing space by storm, exploding onto the scene with early adopters flocking to the invitation-only social networking platform. It has shaken up the social scene with its…

Digital Marketing Beyond Online Metrics

Online digital marketing metrics are excellent for gauging levels of engagement on your brand’s website. But they’re not providing you with the full story. For example, do they tell you if visitors truly connect with the messages on your website? Do they tell you precisely the reason why visitors stay on your website? What about if your messages are actually compelling? Unfortunately, the answer is no to all the above questions. Traditional Digital Marketing Metrics do not Provide Enough Information “Engagement” simply indicates how many views or interactions a page or post receives. And increased engagement rates lead digital marketers to assume…

How to Bring Messaging into the Modern Age

True story: most messaging documents are a joke. You know the drill. Before you launch communications around a brand, product, or service, you need to figure out why your target audience should care. The usual scenario involves penning messaging based on any existing, most likely outdated market research. Or, as PR colleagues frequently face, in the absence of research you try to pick the brains of product managers, marketers, or the C-suite. Once everyone has offered up their (adjective-rich) input on why the masses will stand in line for your offer, the hunt for actual proof points begins. You already…

Direct From London to America with Depop

London-based Depop is looking to make a big splash in America, and Brandware is riding the wave from there to here.  If you’re not yet familiar with Depop, it’s the global fashion marketplace app where Gen Z comes to discover, buy, sell, and connect regarding unique clothing and accessories.  And it’s hot in the UK and EU right now.  So how is Brandware involved?  Well, we’re conducting marketing research to help Depop find the best way to bond with its various target segments in North America.  It’s a fab assignment, and we’re excited to be a part of the newest fashion wave to hit our shores.  Explore…

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