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Negative Effects of Social Media

Combatting The Negative Effects of Social Media

There are a million reasons to love social media. It provides us the ability to stay connected with friends from our past, entertaining memes and videos that make us laugh, the ability to interact with our favorite brands, or the opportunity to learn almost anything...

Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page in 3 Steps

Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page in 3 Steps

LinkedIn has become a staple social media platform for businesses. With over 800 million users worldwide and 65 million decision-makers, LinkedIn has become the premier platform for businesses to engage...

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Beyond Online Metrics

Online digital marketing metrics are excellent for gauging levels of engagement on your brand’s website. But they're not providing you with the full story. For example, do they tell you if visitors truly connect with the messages on your website? Do they tell you precisely the reason why visitors stay on your website? What about if your messages are actually compelling? Unfortunately, the answer is no to all the above questions. Traditional Digital Marketing Metrics do not Provide Enough Information “Engagement” simply indicates how many views or interactions a page or post receives. And increased engagement rates lead digital marketers to assume that a...

bring messaging into the modern age

How to Bring Messaging into the Modern Age

True story: most messaging documents are a joke. You know the drill. Before you launch communications around a brand, product, or service, you need to figure out why your target audience should care. The usual scenario involves penning messaging based on any existing, most likely outdated market research. Or, as PR colleagues frequently face, in the absence of research you try to pick the brains of product managers, marketers, or the C-suite. Once everyone has offered up their (adjective-rich) input on why the masses will stand in line for your offer, the hunt for actual proof points begins. You already know...

compelling content

Compelling Content Creation: 5 Questions to Break Through the Clutter

Consumers are inundated with content, messaging and ads each day. Content creators upload 500 hours of video to YouTube every minute and 100 million photos and videos daily on Instagram, and The New York Times publishes 65 blogs every day. In addition, a 2017 IBM Marketing Cloud study discovered that 90 percent of the data on the internet had been created since 2016. In other words: the internet has no shortage of content and developing unique and compelling content that is appealing to your audience is more difficult than ever. So before hitting publish on your next blog, infographic...

consumer trust

Who Do Consumers Trust, If Not Online Reviews?

It’s a Love Story The history of the relationship between gaining consumers' trust and online reviews is not unlike a love story. In knight’s armor, online reviews enter the scene on a white horse to save consumers from dishonest marketing and advertising by providing authentic reviews from real people. As the online reviews knight and his steed stand there in the majestic light of sunset (A.K.A. Amazon.com circa 1995), consumers stare in awe and fall madly in love at first sight. When this new information source and apparent transparency arrived, consumers proudly posted their status as “In a Relationship” with the online reviews knight,...