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digital marketing

Digital Marketing Beyond Online Metrics

Online digital marketing metrics are excellent for gauging levels of engagement on your brand’s website. But they're not providing you with the full story. For example, do they tell you if visitors truly connect with the messages...

consumer trust

Who Do Consumers Trust, If Not Online Reviews?

It’s a Love Story The history of the relationship between gaining consumers' trust and online reviews is not unlike a love story. In knight’s armor, online reviews enter the scene on a white horse to save consumers from dishonest marketing and advertising by providing authentic reviews from real people. As the online reviews knight and his steed stand there in the majestic light of sunset (A.K.A. Amazon.com circa 1995), consumers stare in awe and fall madly in love at first sight. When this new information source and apparent transparency arrived, consumers proudly posted their status as “In a Relationship” with the online reviews knight,...

brand communications

Brand Communications in the Age of COVID-19

Companies are navigating new ways of working and communicating during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as preparing for what lies ahead. It’s more important than ever to showcase support and thoughtfulness to customers while simultaneously demonstrating to employees their value to the organization. Here are a few tips we’re sharing to help clients with external and internal brand communications challenges related to this new and unfamiliar, fully virtual, economy: General Brand Communication Guidelines: Offer Something Different. Your audience has been inundated with messages from seemingly every brand it has interacted with in the past. To break through the noise, offer a different perspective...

Big data

Big Data and the Futility of Ignoring the “Why”

Imagine that there are two gold miners: Swifty and Grace. Both are skilled mining managers and have dual degrees in engineering and mineralogy. Both are working mines that have been in operation for years. Over time, Swifty experiences a decline in his monthly yield of gold ore. Figuring that the actions he has taken for years have always worked, Swifty has his crews blast away ever more aggressively, with more equipment deployed over longer hours. Grace also experiences a similar decline in yield, but she takes a different tack. Instead of just doing more of the same, she assesses the situation. Grace...

cheap marketing research

Why Cheap Marketing Research Leads to Expensive Mistakes

Are you considering stretching your budget by using cheap marketing research resources? Consider this before you do: Let’s say that you’re a brand manager presenting research results to a room full of senior executives.  Which of the following situations would you rather face? You are explaining data results that you derived from a free online survey platform. You feel great. (What’s not to love? Management now has pages of data at their fingertips.)  Then suddenly, they start to question your methodological approach. They inquire why you asked certain questions, and they start paging through the deck looking for insights and relevant recommendations....

brand tracker

Is Your Brand Tracker Old-Fashioned?

Checking the Pulse of Brand Trackers As marketing researchers we often ask questions like: “What brands do you think of when you think of tennis shoes?”  After all, according to canonical theories of brand marketing, we need to identify what brands come to mind when thinking about a particular category… don’t we? Typically a brand tracker includes measures such as unaided brand recall, brand preference, and brand associations, and those measures certainly serve a purpose. But isn’t it appetizing to think that brand trackers could provide much more? Perhaps even results that brand and marketing managers could actually act on? We thought so. So naturally,...