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Digital Marketing Beyond Online Metrics

Online digital marketing metrics are excellent for gauging levels of engagement on your brand’s website. But they’re not providing you with the full story. For example, do they tell you if visitors truly connect with the messages on your website? Do they tell you precisely the reason why visitors stay on your website? What about if your messages are actually compelling? Unfortunately, the answer is no to all the above questions.

Traditional Digital Marketing Metrics do not Provide Enough Information

“Engagement” simply indicates how many views or interactions a page or post receives. And increased engagement rates lead digital marketers to assume that a message is performing well based on how many times it’s viewed and clicked. If an average reader takes four minutes to read the content on a page of your website, but your online metrics platform (e.g., Google Analytics) says your audience is on the page only one minute, then by looking at this data alone you could make a few assumptions: it could be that the headline is not an attention grabber or that the messages are not attractive to your audience. But these assumptions don’t get us any closer to understanding the “why” behind the data. In marketing research it’s amateur to assume without testing. Why risk your digital marketing dollars?

Brandware Gains Meaningful Insights Through Testing

The very first step to a successful campaign involves testing variations of your marketing messages to get a better understanding of how your audience reacts to each concept. Testing specific messages before placing them on your brand’s website (or any marketing material, for that matter) is crucial because you gain advanced knowledge of how your messages will be perceived—and how to change them for the better. 

At Brandware, we provide insight into what your audience thinks and how they perceive your messaging. We can take multiple messages and test them to see which best connects with your target audience. We can tell you the exact reason why your messages do or don’t hold your audience’s interest. Our marketing research experts can even provide research-based reasoning for why someone would stay or leave your website. 

So, before you venture on your next marketing campaign, make sure to reach out to the experts at Brandware!

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