Analytics and Measurement

An in-house research team.  Thousands of studies under our belt.  And an innovative suite of message development and testing services for communicators.  Let us help you maximize your communications ROI.

Messaging development

VoicesTM Audience-Involved Messaging Development uses qualitative research sessions with your target constituents to rapidly develop effective, imaginative communications for your brand.  VoicesTM explores the messaging needs and preferences of your target customers and, more importantly, obtains their reactions to messaging options we generate in real-time based on the input they provide.  The net result: a fresh, customer-focused way of communicating what your organization offers.


Message testing

AuditionTM message testing uses a highly reliable survey approach to evaluate each of your proposed marketing messages on measures such as appeal, distinctiveness, and brand appropriateness.  AuditionTM also scores your messages against each other and competitive norms, and suggests needed changes and refinements to your communications platform.  Ultimately, AuditionTM ensures that each of your messages is compelling and on target.


Message combination modeling

Great communicators know that using the right combination of messages can generate legendary results.  And that’s where ChorusTM message combination modeling comes into play.  ChorusTM uses survey techniques and mathematical modeling to determine which of your messages work best together.  ChorusTM also statistically determines the optimal set of marketing messages for each of your target audiences and provides a simulator you can use to test the impact of any of message combination on any target audience.  When it’s done, your messages will go together like…well, Lennon and McCartney.


Copy/Graphic optimization

Ever wish you could test thousands of different graphic and copy combinations for a display ad, landing page, search ad, billboard, or promotion before deciding how to proceed?  With OpusTM graphical testing, you can.  OpusTM automatically generates thousands of variations from your basic design and copy specifications, and then uses survey and advanced modeling techniques to statistically determine which graphic/copy iterations are best at motivating desired customer behavior.  Best of all, it’s amazingly fast, easy, and economical.  With OpusTM, you’ll be able to create a communications masterpiece every time.


Other research

Brandware specializes in communication research, but we also offer over twenty years of experience in conducting other forms of marketing research, such as insight mining assignments, market segmentation studies, brand equity studies, brand trackers, and new product evaluations.  See to learn about all the other amazing things we could do for you.