Public Relations

We build positive, rewarding relationships with your internal and external audiences using the most effective mix of today’s communications tools and techniques.

Media relations and events

Our decades of expertise developing valuable media coverage and content includes working with today’s leading consumer and business outlets, along with the freelancers and content creators who are a vital element of the always-shifting media landscape. Because we are uniquely capable of blending the art of the pitch with the science of media analysis and communications research, our clients can count on media messaging that’s authentic, trusted and backed by the data that today’s time-crunched reporters demand. We craft words, visuals and experiences that deliver your messages in fresh ways and through new channels.


Influencer programs

We create and closely manage successful influencer and brand ambassador relationships that yield measurable results for client brands, products, and services. Most importantly, our thorough in-house vetting process doesn’t rely on hearsay, promises, algorithms or automated influencer marketplaces. Instead, once we identify a pool of qualified, creative, and articulate enthusiasts, our team ensures that candidates not only have an authentic appreciation and passion for what you offer, but they understand and meet all transparency requirements.


Writing and editorial

Remember the press release? It’s not dead, although we feel quite often that it should be. We also aren’t shy about counseling our clients on today’s better and, often, more cost-efficient and effective alternatives. Regardless of delivery approach, the written word still rules. Short- or long-form, on their own merit or combined with video, audio or still images, finding the right words isn’t a job for rookies. Whether you need to broadcast product news, promote a new service, generate leads, or educate stakeholders, our team of seasoned writers will create the right words to engage and activate your audience.


Crisis communications

When one disgruntled customer comment or incendiary activist post can bring your business to its knees and #fakenews has the power to circle the globe in a split second, a cohesive crisis communications strategy and plan that anticipates the worst is your first and most important line of defense. Our blend of corporate and agency senior leadership experience means we’ve been through it all, from costly product liability issues to messy and oh-so-newsworthy human resource disasters. Analyze and understand what could happen… and plan your rapid response before it happens.


Thought leadership

Timely, well-supported points of view that translate into share-worthy content are a powerful tool for gaining share of voice and mind in today’s cluttered communications channels. Our in-house research team uncovers the data and message points that turn ordinary opinion into thought-provoking content that sparks conversation and coverage. From newsworthy survey and poll results to white papers and other published commentary aligned with your competitive edge and news cycles, our team will help you become a voice that your target audience values.