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Atlanta Agencies Join Forces to Form Collective, Offering Integrated Marketing Solutions

ATLANTA (August 9, 2021) – Six Atlanta-based agencies today announced the establishment of Force Multiplier – a collective of creative, media, PR, marketing research, digital marketing and tech development firms offering integrated capabilities through a centralized approach. Force Multiplier is positioned to compete against large agency holding companies by offering competitive capabilities, high-level of service and resourcefulness expected from boutique agencies. 

“Marketers want efficient, integrated marketing solutions but are too often inundated with overseeing multiple agency relationships,” said Nick Schittone, chief growth officer of Hothouse. “With Force Multiplier, marketers are supported by a collective that offers diverse expertise through a centralized approach.”

After collaborating on a variety of projects, BrandwareHothouseMBIStable + KernelToolbox No. 9 and Vert pooled their respective capabilities, decades of being in business and a combined 150+ agency specialists to offer current and prospective clients a full suite of resources, including: 

  • marketing research
  • public relations
  • creative strategy
  • media planning and buying
  • software and app development
  • UX design and development
  • social and mobile marketing

“With Force Multiplier, we have what we need today, as well as scalability for tomorrow,” said Laura Sterling, vice president of marketing with Georgia’s Own Credit Union. “We don’t have to worry about adding or replacing our agency as the market or our needs shift. Managing all of our resources through one contact ensures we are fully integrated and working towards the same purpose rather than competing against each other.”

Separately, the firms represent the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Mizuno USA, NatGeo, Georgia-Pacific, RaceTrac, Honeywell, Rheem Manufacturing, Cisco, NBCUniversal, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, IHG, Lowes, Kroger, Yamaha, Home Depot, Amazon, and the CDC, among others. With locations across in Atlanta, Charleston, Huntsville, Birmingham, Savannah, Force Multiplier is situated to capitalize on the growing business landscape in the southeastern United States where corporations are flocking from major metros.

“Southeastern-based businesses, in addition to businesses migrating to the Southeastern United States, are interested in partnering with local agencies. Together, and with our resources, we’re positioned to provide integrated solutions with more flexibility and scalability and with the executive-level insight that you only get with smaller agencies,” said Schittone.  

For more information on Force Multiplier, visit  

About Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier is the southeast’s first collective of agencies helping brands navigate marketing solutions through a centralized and seamless approach. Formed by six established, Atlanta-based agencies, the collective wraps the minds of award-winning marketers around brand’s biggest challenges to offer curated capabilities brands can activate instantly and scale to their needs. For more information or to work with Force Multiplier, visit

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