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Infographic: Research Methods

All research methods are not created equally. This infographic is a handy reference detailing the various methods of market research, when and why to implement each method and the specific tactics that each method entails...

Direct From London to America with Depop

London-based Depop is looking to make a big splash in America, and Brandware is riding the wave from there to here.  If you’re not yet familiar with Depop, it’s the global fashion marketplace app where Gen Z comes to discover, buy, sell, and connect regarding unique clothing and accessories.  And it’s hot in the UK and EU right now.  So how is Brandware involved?  Well, we’re conducting marketing research to help Depop find the best way to bond with its various target segments in North America.  It’s a fab assignment, and we’re excited to be a part of the newest fashion wave to hit our shores.  Explore...


New: Chorus™ for Communicators

Have you ever struggled with messaging because you really have no idea whether your brilliant copy is actually going to hit home with your various target audiences? One of our newest innovations, Chorus Message Combination Modeling, solves that problem. Whether you’re crafting media materials, a digital ad campaign or social content, Chorus uncovers the most effective combination of individual messages – an important distinction because marketing messages are most successfully communicated in sets instead of individually. In addition to knowing the optimal set of messages for each of your target audiences, you also get a simulator that you can use...