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digital marketing mistakes

Digital Marketing Mistakes That Leave Money on the Table

Drive traffic to your website, increase conversions, and make the most out of your ad spend by avoiding these common mistakes Digital Marketing can have a huge impact for your business and your bottom line, but when managed improperly can be risky business. Google Analytics and Google Ads are great tools that provide in-depth insights into your business’s audience and therefore allow you to craft a digital marketing strategy based on that specific data. When used correctly, it can increase revenue by improving brand awareness and creating conversions. When used incorrectly, or not used to its fullest capabilities, it can leave...

Hey Marketers, the Brand Has a Mind of Its Own

During his presentation at this past week’s DigSouth digital tech conference in Charleston, SC, Nielsen’s first-ever neuroscientist, Dr. Carl Marci reminded us that while our gray matter doesn’t weigh much (around 3 lbs.), it hogs more energy than any other human organ. If you’re a marketer and haven’t yet taken a deep dive into biometrics, eye tracking, facial coding and other techniques, it’s time to take a very close look. You can’t control the consumer brain, but you can control the stimuli, thanks to the work being done in neuroscience labs like Nielsen’s (there’s one in Atlanta, by the way). It’s here that neuroscientists are...