5 Ways to Enhance Your Web Design

If you’re reading this right now, we only have about 10 seconds to convince you to stay on our site. So how do we do that? We make sure our website design is visually appealing and the information on it is straightforward and easy to find.

Here are our top five tips to help you enhance your web design:

Give the people what they want.

Design your site with the user’s experience in mind.Your user’s experience is the top priority, so you need to design your site with the user’s experience in mind. To do so, determine why they are there, what information they want most and how they want to get the information. The most effective way to present the information could be videos, infographics, newsletters, etc.; it all depends on who your audience is and what information they need. Think through exactly what they want to get out of the website, not what you what you want to give them.

Make sure there are clear calls to action.

If you want your visitors to do something, such as fill out a contact form, tell them exactly how to do it. Don’t bury a call to action in you site. Lead the visitor to click where you want them to click. Make it easy to find and easy to follow.

Use very little copy.

People don’t read anymore; they skim. Demonstrate your products or services visually and succinctly, and make the content easy to find.

Make your site mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly sites have scrolling pages that adjust to the device they are using to view your site, so visitors can view your website from their smart phones, iPads and other devices just as easily as they can on a laptop or computer. This is especially important because Google will not index sites that aren’t mobile responsive.

Include interior pages instead of anchor links when possible.

Interior pages give you more content for search engines to index and will allow you to create landing pages for AdWords and paid social media campaigns. They also allow visitors to navigate between pages more easily.

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